Who We Are

Our Story

In the early 1970s in Oakland, CA, Kulbushan Gupta began to make investments in multifamily real estate. Over the course of his career, he grew his personal investment portfolio into what became Gupta Family Office, a real estate management and development company with property throughout the United States. Over the years, his enterprise became a family operation through which he instilled a value for sound, methodical investment and the skills to pursue consistent growth. Over 40 years later, Gupta Family Office has become GFO Companies, a private equity firm with extensive and diverse experience in the real estate sector. We are a company of family employees that continues a tradition of excellence in asset management and entrepreneurial investment. GFO Companies today is a multi-state operation with multi-sector real-estate investments.

Currently, GFO Companies is a co-investor in over 2,000 multi-family units and 400,000 square feet of commercial space throughout eleven states.
Principals at GFO Companies have owned and managed almost 1,000,000 square feet of commercial space and 2,000 multi-family housing units, with a total value exceeding $125 million dollars. We have a strong investment track record of achieving high returns on our assets through entrepreneurial value generation, innovative performance improvement, and skillful exploitation of inefficient niche markets.

Additionally, GFO Companies invests in early stage, high growth tech startups including Counsyl, Coupang, Akido Labs, and Palantir.